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Bronsun Bible

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Introducing the Bronsun Bible by BROWED. This book is your educational guide to Bronsun magic.

This book is not only about Bronsun: it covers the theory of all the processes that happen with our hairs during tinting, it will help you learn and understand how to read the ingredients on your tints, how to choose the right product for your client, it will explain the colour theory in simple words and in a way that you will never have any problems understanding how the tint shades work!

  • A5 size, printed in colour with a hard carton cover.
  • 200 pages of the most valuable information.

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What Is Covered In This Book?

  1. A little note about Innovator Cosmetics and where Bronsun is coming from.
  2. Main Characteristic.
  3. Why we love it / Things to keep in mind when purchasing. 
  4. The range of Products.
  5. What is hair?
  6. Hair colour.
  7. Type of natural pigments in hairs.
  8. What happens to our natural pigments during tinting, henna, or bleach.
  9. What is hair level?
  10. How to determine the hair level.
  11. About the chemistry of Bronsun.
  12. Every ingredient explained.
  13. Type of pigments in the dye.
  14. What is pH level and why do you need to know it.
  15. Acidic and Alkaline substances and how they work.
  16. What is the tinting process?
  17. Alkaline agents and what makes our dyes and tints penetrate the hairs.
  18. Classification of tints/dyes.
  19. Semi-permanent, demi-permanent, permanent.
  20. Bronsun Buffers.
  21. What makes Bronsun lasts so long on the skin.
  22. Why Bronsun loves Oxygen.
  23. Everything about Bronsun Milk-Cream Developer.
  24. Type of oxidants / %.
  25. What happened to the Developer?
  26. Old / new formula – all myths revealed.
  27. Bronsun Remover and what you need to know about it. 
  28. Colour Theory and why it is important to understand.
  29. Colour Wheel explained in graphs and simple words.
  30. What is colour neutralisation?
  31. Cool and warm shades in tinting. 
  32. How Brown colour is created. 
  33. Different shades of Brown. 
  34. The base colour of Bronsun Dyes.
  35. Bronsun dyes on a hair level system.
  36. How colours can be different depending on the date of production. 
  37. Why Bronsun Dyes turn out green.
  38. How to avoid unwanted tinges. 
  39. Colour correction. 
  40. What is colour booster or colour modifier? 
  41. How to create an ashy tone. 
  42. Bronsun Colours explained. 
  43. What shades to use depending on the type of the client.
  44. Favourite and correct mixes for Blondes, Red-haired clients, Brown-haired, Brunettes and more.
  45. Application process from A to Z.
  46. How to prepare the skin. 
  47. How tints work on dry, normal and oily skin and what results to expect. 
  48. Our favourite products to use to prepare the skin.
  49. Scrubs, peels, shampoos – when and how to use. 
  50. Bronsun Eyebrow Care range – new 2021 addition, every step explained. 
  51. Favourite brushes and tools we use.
  52. Bronsun + Brow Lamination and why the hairs turn out black. 
  53. Bronsun + Lash Lift.
  54. Bronsun Aftercare. 

2 reviews for Bronsun Bible

  1. 5 out of 5

    the beauty barn (verified owner)

    Amazing read, it has so much information for all things bronsun hybrid tint. I’m loving it so far!

  2. 5 out of 5

    Jessica Saysell Aesthetics (verified owner)

    This is a game changer. So informative! 100% recommend if you use bronsun.

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