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Under Eye Lash Pads + Tapes

At Lash Factor, we stock a range of professional eyelash pads and tape to suit your personal preference – from our small pads to our gel-infused options. Similarly, our eyelash extension tape range includes a variety of widths, as well as our popular kind removal tape.

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How to place eye pads for eyelash extensions?

For the best application, ask your clients to look up and keep their eyes open. Assess your client’s eye shape to determine which way round you’ll place the pad. Carefully place the eyelash pad along the lower lash line, taking care to leave a small gap between the pad and the waterline to avoid the pad from irritating the eye. Make sure to cover the lower lashes completely. When your client closes their eyes check the pad placement and adjust as necessary.

Pro Tip: Cut small slits along the bottom edge of the eye pad to mould them to your client’s face.

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